Hey! These are some links that I want to share with you!

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My brother makes some pretty great music, the Apple Music and Spotify link for his most recent album Ciao Bella is available here.

My mom is a fantastic writer / social worker and runs a blog! Transformative Grief strives to reach you where you are in your grief experience: to validate, encourage and empower you to live with, grow through, and ultimately become transformed by your grief.

The mission of The Gathering Place is to support, educate and empower individuals and families currently coping with the impact of cancer in their lives through programs and services provided free of charge.

TreePeople is a California based nonprofit environmental advocacy group located in Los Angeles. TreePeople promotes sustainable urban ecosystems in the Greater Los Angeles area through education, support for volunteer community-based action, and advocacy.

Protect Our Winters is a 501 nonprofit that focuses its efforts on legislation regarding climate change.

Shaker Rocks provides a unique opportunity for sport, camaraderie and civic pride. It is a climbing and social hub for local residents, a destination spot for the entire region, and a supporter of environmentally and socially responsible actions. (my favorite climbing gym)

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